My Morning Routine | Living in a Tent on an Organic Farm

Wake up at 7:00am or earlier – My work days on the farm are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, beginning at 8:30am so I like to wake up at the latest around 7:00am. I typically wake up much earlier than this due to the herd of Icelandic Sheep that are typically grazing around the proximity of my camping space.

Take temperature – I’m beginning the journey of getting better aquainted with my body. My sister friend, Alicia, is gaining momentum with fertility awareness use in her life to get to know her body better and I was 100% intrigued, so I began the journey as well! Each morning I take my temperature and check out my cervical fluid to make an attempt at tracking my ovulation, fertility, and menstrual cycle. I’ll more than likely write more on this later, as it becomes an established regimen.

Drink a glass of water – I always keep my Stanley 1.0L thermos with me in my tent or around the farm property when I’m working. I make sure that I drink at least 2.0L of water each day to keep my energy levels kicking, so my skin stays hydrated and glowy, and so I slightly curb my bodacious appetite (I’m constantly hungry, ya’ll). I’ve realized from years of experience in being chronically dehydrated, that filling my mouth up with a dazzling glass of H2o is the way to go first thing in the early morning.

Pee time –Since staying super-duper hydrated throughout the day, I usually need to pop a squat after my divine glass of water. I keep a bandana hanging on the tree next to my tent and use that as a [pee] rag. Good stuff! There’s just something beautiful about getting up close and personal with mother earth and sharing your body functions with the wild.

Hygiene – I keep my hygiene routine simple and minimal, as I am living in a tent in the forest. I typically wake up with a clean palette as far as my face goes, so I simply massage in some Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil as a moisturizer. This makes my skin glowy and supple. Although I’m not a fan of the plastic packaging, at the moment I mainly use Glossier products. I currently am using their invisible shield SPF and skin tint in light. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll also use Glossier boy brow in blonde, gen g in cake, and stretch concealer in light (but this is rare as I usually sport a mostly bare face). In the process of minimizing my hygiene products, I have switched away from conventional deodorant (I was using Schmidt’s natural) and have started using Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil for a deodorant substitute as well. It works great and makes me smell like a coconut goddess. For my teeth, I use a zero-waste tooth powder made by my lovely friend, Melissa. I’m not certain on the recipe she used but I believe that it has clay and essential oils. I will have to ask her for the recipe! I also sometimes will harvest a fresh sage leaf from the garden, chew it up, and use that as an easy alternative to toothpaste.


Yoga Flow & Meditation – This is my favorite time of the morning, a time for mindfulness, relaxation and preparation for the day ahead. I’m currently working on sustained movements to elongate the spine and build flexibility. After my yoga flow, I’ll go straight into a few moments of meditation practice. I work on breathing techniques, mantras, and quieting my mind.


Tidy Tent – Living outdoors is quite the trip sometimes. Because I live in a tent, I don’t have extreme space for personal belongings, so I live very minimally and have to push myself to do a daily tidy. I live in a 3-person tent, the Talus 3 by The NorthFace, and have space on either side of my designated sleeping area to store my personal items. I have milk crates that I have lined up on the far side of my tent away from the door. I keep my clothing stacked inside the milk crates topped with a scarf to allow for the clothing to be concealed and use the top of the milk crates for a “coffee table” space where I keep my stack of books and crystals.


Bullet Journal List – My bullet journal is a tool that I hold very dear to my heart in daily living. I keep track of personal and professional goals, exercise, a book queue, monthly and daily events and to-do lists, habit and mood trackers, my fertility awareness tracker, daily gratitude and reflection statements, content creation trackers, and food log. I’ll be posting more on this later as well, seeing as my bojo plays an enormous role in my productivity as a thriving ‘adult’. I touch base with my bullet journal cyclically.

I am most certainly a morning person; early hours are a juicy and beautiful time to get centered and set intentions for the day ahead. What does your morning routine look like? 

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