DIY Herbal Hair Rinse with Horsetail

+ I recently spent some time concocting an herbal hair rinse made out of the plant Horsetail. The Horsetail plant comes from the family Equisetaceae, the genus Equietum, and is an incredibly beneficial plant that grows in the temperate northern hemisphere areas. It typically can be found in Asia, Europe, North America, and North Africa and is prolific around the area I’m calling home in the pacific northwest. This plant has a root system that grows fast into the earth [reportedly up to six feet deep!] so it is able to absorb beneficial nutrients that other plants can’t reach. Sah dope!

+ I’m going to get a bit technical with you for a moment, so bare with me! The make-up of Horsetail is as follows: saponins [which help to create a lather during use of the rinse], flavone-glycosides [which stimulate circulation in the scalp by ‘waking up’ the tiny blood vessels], and silica [which gives body to the hair]. This herbal hair rinse also helps to restore the scalp’s natural acidity, giving a healthy shine to the hair.


+ Directions:

Harvest approximately 16 horsetail stems about 6-8 inches long. Pound the horsetail stems with your fist or a spoon against a hard surface before placing them in a container [I used a mason jar]. Boil approximately 2 pints of water and pour over the horsetail stems to create an infusion. Cover and let the stems infuse the water, until lukewarm, then strain off and jar the liquid. The end result will be a glowing, golden elixir as shown in the photo below.

+ To Use:
This rinse is appropriate to use after shampooing and rinsing hair. I currently use the ‘no poo’ method to cleanse my hair, so in fact, I do not use shampoo, only hot water when showering. After I finish scrubbing and rinsing my hair with hot water, I pour a bit of the horsetail infusion over my hair and give myself a nice little fancy head massage, while working the rinse into my scalp to promote that much necessary circulation. I then wrap my locks back up into my warm towel before letting my hair air dry.


+ Horsetail tea is good for broken nails and lifeless hair; you can utilize this very same infusion as a hot, yummy beverage [perhaps add some cinnamon & nutmeg, or ginger for extra magic to mingle with your tastebud babies] and provide your bodily vessel with potent herbal medicine. Drinking this will aid in the absorption and use of calcium in the body.

+ Don’t have fresh horsetail on hand? Try using other conditioning herbs such as rosemary and stinging nettle.

Give me a holla if this DIY herbal recipe is intriguing & I will certainly continue trying out new herbal blends, tinctures, & infusions, then create posts for you!

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