23 Contemplations on the Past 23 Years

As I just turned 23 yesterday, & am celebrating six months of sobriety today, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on 23 thoughts brought into fruition from my human experience on this planet:

+ It’s okay to feel deeply & talk about my emotions.

+ Finding love for myself & taking time for self care is healing.

+ Less is more. I don’t need much to survive. As far as tangibles, I feel the most at peace while only keeping the essentials & items that bring me joy.

+ Time is more important than money.

+ Food & exercise are a potent medicine. I do not take the ability to provide bodily nourishment & conditioning for granted.

+ It’s possible to break free from societal norms. Alternative living styles are feasible & rewarding.

+ Age is just a number, cultivate rich intergenerational relationships.

+ Eating a plant based diet aligns with my personal values.

+ Addiction is a disease, not a choice, & something that I will struggle with for the rest of my life.

+ Learning self-sufficiency skills & sustainable living tools have changed my perspective on modern culture.

+ Human connection & support are essential to thrive.

+ A conventional lifestyle is likely not in the cards for me.

+ Thought reframing & cognitive behavioral thinking is powerful.

+ I spend time with like-minded humans that bring me happiness, contentment, joy, peace, & laughter.

+ Don’t hold back expression through dance, song, or any art medium. Let it out.

+ Fear is just a construct, I’ve learned to push myself past being uncomfortable & gorgeous opportunities have been built on pushing past a fear or anxiety.

+ Everything we need for survival can be found in Mother Earth. The grounding|earthing movement is a concept I truly believe in for balance.

+ Slowing down & listening to what my body is telling me has become an remarkably important aspect in my daily life.

+ I don’t need chemical substances & skewed reality to find peace. I no longer numb myself with substances & this has been a beautiful process to get to know my real self, down to my very core.

+ Just take it one day at a time, focus on doing the next right thing in the current moment.

+ Manifestation, visualization, and the law of attraction are REAL. I’ve accomplished much from telling myself that grand situations are in the forefront of my reality & only allowing positive influences into my auric field.

+ Some days might feel like the end of the line; I’ve found when this is the case, unprecedented & juicy transitions are on the horizon.

+ I acknowledge the ebb & flow of mood cycles & have found peace. It’s okay to be sad; I’ve found happiness in knowing this is all part of the human experience.

My first thought when beginning this list was that I would struggle to come up with 23 reflections. As I sat down in this bookstore cafe in Seattle, I began writing & the thoughts were cultivated within minutes. I feel empowered, inspired & strong today. I would love to hear your life contemplations and realizations. What’s on your heart?

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