I Am Intoxicatingly Imbalanced

+ Heading full tilt into autumn, I’ve been struggling to regain a balance in my daily life – something that was coursing through my veins when I first moved to the Pacific Northwest this past May, but has come to a staggering halt this past month. What has changed that has inherently thrown off my balance, you might ask?

+ A new job. A job in which I am ultimately, uninterested in. A job I’ve been working to simply be able to adequately fund my student loan debt and redevelop a sufficient amount of savings.

+ My head space has been a constant barter playground. The thoughts spin in circles. “I need time to work on my entrepreneurial goals in order to push myself forward.” “I have no time to work on my personal goals because I am constantly working for someone else.” “I need money for my personal goals and travel.” “I have to keep working this job to maintain the funds to allow myself to travel in order to carry out my personal entrepreneurial goals.” “I can’t push my business forward without having the time to put the work in, which I don’t because I am constantly working.” It’s a never-ending cyclical thought process.

+ Frustration has most certainly been in the forefront of my consciousness. BUT! I’m on my way out of this vicious cycle and I can only assume that the six short weeks until the end of my work trade will zip by before I can even say ‘DISCO TITS’.

+ As for the money-maker [job], I am confident that come November, I will be able to manifest an alternative option that will provide me with a steady balance of both adequate dollar bills, and the time to work harder than I ever have & be the GIRL BOSS that I am striving to be.

+ Do you believe in the law of attraction? How do you find that sweet-spot of real, live balance in your own life?

+ There will be more on this topic from me in the very near future, as I believe that this is a major issue in present culture.

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