Stacking Priorities By What Makes Me Happy

+ This autumn is a chance for me to make yet another fresh start. My six month work trade will be coming to a close at the end of October, I’ll be moving into [Port Townsend] from the valley and onto my partner, Matt’s, beautiful property in the forest, & will be beginning the journey of a gorgeous and gritty business collaboration.

+ With a fresh start coming my way, I’ve decided to push myself to mix things up a bit and make a few changes in my routine to keep stagnation at bay, and stack my priorities by what makes me happy.

+ Keeping that in mind, I’ve come up with the following ideas to remodel and create a metamorphosis in the link between what I am striving for, what I’d like to do differently [utilizing the space of a fresh start], and what makes me high-spirited and vivacious.

+ budgeting / taking charge of my money
I lost track of my finances during the summer months. Granted, I was not spending or making much money, but I certainly wasn’t keeping track of my inflows and outflows either. I use the program You Need A Budget to track my dollar bills. Taking charge of my finances and sticking to a budget makes me feel like a girl boss.

+ look good / feel good
Living in a tent outdoors all summer, my appearance and wardrobe were factors that I rarely gave second thoughts too. I’m looking forward to doing a full overhaul of my wardrobe, bringing in new garments to create a capsule wardrobe that stick to my color palette [black/white/grey/nude], are more sophisticated and minimalistic, while still being hot bangerz. I may also bring some premiers of makeup back into the regimen every once in a while for some added juxtaposition.

+ body / ‘bootcamp’
My body is happiest when it is strong and in shape. My partner and I are beginning to get back into the groove of body happiness through what we call ‘bootcamp’. Bootcamp entails a variety of whatever-the-heck-we-feel-like-doing, that involves moving our bodies that day. Runs on the beach, tennis, stretching and yoga in the yard, parkour in the forest, sporadically yelling strength training exercises at each other, and other randoms.

+ productivity / writing regimen 
Oh mama, do I love the feeling that productivity and creative flow brings forth. As of late, writing has been the most cathartic process for me to sit with; I’m in love with a blank page and the opportunity to fill it with my headspace and fructifying mind processes. Also too, a new creative babe is in the womb and I’ve never carried such a vast volume of anticipation to give birth.

+ experimentation / expression through movement + sound
I’m going to dance quite extensively. I’m also going to make a plethora of music. They give me the fuzzy feels.

+ hygge / keeping a cozy living space
Hygge is a Danish word that acknowledges a feeling or mood that may be cozy, charming, warm, pleasing, or simple. The aim with hygge is to view life as an art form of creating intimacy, and through the process, give birth to feelings and moments in each day that spark and glow a bit. I’m getting back into aesthetics as of late and nothing is more pleasing to me than a cozy and inviting living space. Perhaps, lighting some candles with dinner, having a warm nest space to curl up in with a book, cooking and baking to fill the house with savory fragrances, or using mild light sources. [I could go on]. Practicing a desire for hygge will keep me filled with satisfaction throughout my first cold, rainy season in the Pacific Northwest.

+ companionship / open lines of communication
Human connection and companionship is essential. My heart’s current state is ready to give and receive astronomical amounts of love. Verbal expression and open lines of communication with other humans are greatly important to me. This is a major focus.

+ expanding horizons / becoming expert
One thing I’ve found myself to excel at, is the ability to have my hands in many different cookie jars at the same time. Due to this phenomenon, I’ve also found myself to be exceptionally mediocre at many things. My plan for this autumn and winter is to dive into expanding my horizons and [fingers-crossed] becoming expert at a small number of ideas and practices that, straight up, float my boat.

Happy Autumn Equinox. Cheers, friends!

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