Let’s Talk About BODY HAIR

+ Resetting my life on the west coast has given me the freedom to rethink and reevaluate things that may or may not be serving me. So, let’s talk about it: body hair. There is a never ending stigma revolving around feminine body hair.

+ I was maybe in the 5th grade when I remember begging my mom to let me shave my legs. I mean, come on little Laur-dude! I was so young and hair removal was already engrained in my psyche and I was already sucked into the social norm. I barely had any hair to remove in the first place, but I was indignant to get it off, pronto. I continued to be extravagantly diligent throughout my young adult years, to keep my body in a pristine, hairless condition.

+ Culture tells women to shave, wax, bleach, and groom to the extreme. I am in no way saying that hair removal is bad! If you enjoy it [and I definitely have in the past], and if it makes you feel glorious and fierce, please keep on doin’ you!

+ Just please, [honey] make sure you are doing it for you and not because a partner or otherwise makes you feel “unkept”, “messy”, “unhygienic”, or as if you are “letting yourself go” [eye roll]. I’ve heard all of these statements directed at feminine body hair, as well as “dirty boy armpits” [ugh ugh ugh]. Letting a body be in it’s natural state does not make it unhygienic or unkept. This is simply the double standard placed upon women.

+ While living in Minneapolis, I had started to let my body hair grow out every once in a while. I found that I was overwhelmingly self conscious of anyone viewing me with noticeable body hair. I was caught in between the yearning for hairy freedom and not having the ability to liberate myself from my razor’s steel glare and magnetic pull.

+ There is such a bigger picture in the world; there isn’t just one way to do things. People are becoming a lot more liberal with their body hair, they are allowing it to just be!

+ I’ve ditched the razor for a few months now and have been feeling like a truly natural, feminine being. I’ve shifted my entire perception from the social norm and am digging chilling out in this new chapter of body positivity. It certainly helps that I’ve been surrounded by powerful feminine influences, who are dripping in self-realization and have helped me see myself in a different light.

+ So this is what I leave you with; question everything. Question what may or may not be serving you. Question society. Question social norms. Question the products that you buy. Question what your consumer dollars are supporting. Start to understand who you are instead of what society has molded you to be. Break out of that mold.

+ Disclaimer: I am in no way telling anyone what they should or should not do with their bodies. The beautiful thing about life is that we have the power to choose what works for us individually. If a human enjoys the absence of body hair, groom away! And if you feel like indulging yourself in hairy glory, by all means, live your truth!

+ Want me to elaborate on this topic? Leave me a little note & I’ll certainly write more essays like this one. Also too, please remember that I love ya. Cheers all, xo.

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