Hot Hot Hot! Yoga Practice

+ Yoga, for me, has been incredibly enticing for many years, but I have always had a problem of sticking with it for more than a few solid weeks at a time. Until now. A new hot yoga studio recently opened in the town I currently reside.

+ I had never tried a hot yoga class before checking out this new studio. To begin, I took two warm flow classes [temp set to 85F] and instantly, I was hooked. On the third day of my practice, I decided to test my strength endurance and headed into a hot vinyasa class [temp 95F]. I was 100% wrecked when I walked out. BUT, I ALSO FELT ON TOP.

+ I’ve kept going. Everyday. *[except for a couple days that I was out of town]

+ I’m now noticing changes in my body. I feel leaner and most certainly have gained a bit of strength. Poses that I could barely hold in the beginning classes, I can now hold with ease and stamina. I’ve been sleeping better. I feel more calm and clear-headed through the day-to-day.

Hot yoga has incredible benefits:
+ Promotes sweating, heats up the body for increased flexibility & less risk of injury
+ With repetitive asanas & flows, you can compare your strength, stamina, & flexibility to previous practices
+ The heat increases your pulse rate and metabolism, increases blood flow and circulation & burns more calories
+ Improves the lymphatic system by flushing out toxins
+ Relieves stress & provides an endorphin rush

While all of this is good & well, I do have a couple precautions before you step into your first hot flow:
+ Pre-hydrate: Super important. I’ve had a few instances during the hot vinyasa classes where I’ve become light-headed, nauseous, and my vision has began to fade out. This happens when I haven’t properly hydrated in the time before the class.
+ Eating: Don’t eat to much or too little prior to class. A piece of hydrating fruit usually does the trick.
+ Listen to your body: Adjust & modify the practice to suit you. Don’t overexert, but still challenge yourself. When all else fails, don’t be afraid of the resting positions [child’s pose, downward dog, melting heart, etc.]

Last night, for the first time ever trying ‘bird of paradise’ pose, I stepped right up into it, and lifted and straightened my leg. I didn’t know I was capable of doing such a pose with ease, but my body granted me beautiful permission. NOW, I’m off to another hot vinyasa flow for the evening. Take care, friends, cheers!

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