Reishi Elixir DIY ✦ for Glowing + Youthful Skin

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Feminine Magic / Herbalism / Minimalism
+ A few weeks ago, a sweet lady and I were chatting about our conscious lifestyles, in the shop where I work. It turned out that we shared many of the same values. As the conversation turned to our minimal, natural, and trash light beauty regimes, she let on about her youthful and glowing skin secret: reishi mushrooms!
+ The next day, she stopped back in the shop and gifted me a beautiful bag of my very own dehydrated reishi mushroom to play with and create my own skincare elixir.

+ I was entirely thrilled to try my hand at putting together an herbal concoction. I’ve been using my reishi facial elixir with satisfaction and want to share with you my process and recipe.

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms:
+ Slows down premature aging. Ling Zhi 8-protein, ganodermic acid, vitamin D, selenium, and antioxidants are present in Reishi and are rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agents. These agents empower the immune system and promote blood circulation. A strong immune system eases free radical activities + blood circulation improves the tone and elasticity of the skin.
+ Eases skin problems. Helps heal acne, rosacea, eczema, wounds, sunburns, rashes, and bites. It is also antihistaminic + antimicrobial.
+ Body benefits. Boosts immune system, alleviates allergy symptoms, alleviates arthritis pain, can help prevent bronchitis, and has even helped debilitate cancer cells.
+ Hair benefits. Drinking a reishi decoction or massaging it into the scalp can help improve blood circulation and in turn, strengthen the hair follicle, promote fast, healthy hair growth.

There are six tools + ingredients you will need (+ knife):
+ Glass dropper [or] spritz bottle [to hold the elixir]
+ Pot [for boiling the reishi decoction]
+ Strainer [i used a french press]
+ Dehydrated reishi mushrooms [just search online]
+ Witch hazel [i got this at our local food co-op]

+ Carrier oil [i used an everyday oil blend, but jojoba, almond seed, castor oil, etc. would work blazingly]

+ Slice up the reishi mushrooms [i used three full slices for each 1 oz bottle]
+ Put the sliced mushrooms in the pot and cover with filtered water
+ Bring to a boil and simmer for approximately 45 minutes
+ Remove from heat and strain off the liquid
+ Fill each bottle with 2/3 reishi decoction
+ Add 1/6 of witch hazel to the bottle
+ Top off bottle with 1/6 carrier oil

+ Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil [optional, my carrier oil already contained essential oils ☺︎]

To Use:
+ Tip bottle back + forth a few times to distribute the oil through the mixture
+ Use dropper + hands to smooth over face [or] mist face with spritz bottle

+ Celebrate your glowing, radiant, beautiful self [inside + out]

+ If you tried out this herbal facial elixir, comment + let me know how it is working with your skin! I am super curious. ☺︎
+ Also, let me know if you enjoy diy beauty posts such as this + I will continue making them.
Laur Eli xx

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