Why Sobriety Works for Me

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Alternative Living / Sobriety

+ January 20th, 2018 will mark my one year of sobriety. I wish to share with you, realizations aiding in my recovery over the past twelve months.

+ I’m now capable of confronting my emotions. I’m stronger and more resilient to what life throws in my direction. My emotional stability and mental health are easier to manage.

+ I’ve found better ways to escape reality. I do yoga, meditate, and read books. Writing is a release as well. I live in a geographic locale that allows me to sit on the beach + listen to the waves or go for a hike up a mountain.

+ I’m now able to make true connections, instead of superficial, and bring people into my life that I can trust and are true soulmates.

+ I can now be someone that other people can count on.

+ I no longer have to deal with hangovers. [Favorite!]

+ I am 100x more productive. I value my time and wish to use it in a way that will push myself further. I now spend much more time and energy with my entrepreneurial projects and self care.

+ My health has greatly improved. My skin has cleared and brightened. My weight has decreased and my muscle tone has improved. My energy levels are predictably high. I am so much more conscious of what I put into my body as far as diet is concerned. I spend more time appreciating my body for keeping my heart beating and my lungs respirating.

+ I’ve become a lot more responsible and no longer find myself in unsafe or uncomfortable situations. I’m fully in my head space and no longer find myself struggling to remember what I was doing while using, and in turn, do not live with regrets.

+ I save heaps of money. [Self-explanatory!]

+ All in all, I am more kind to myself.

Thank you for giving me a read – let me know your thoughts on sobriety or if you would like to hear more of my recovery story!

Laur Eli xx

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