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Up Mount

+ I needed to get away. Fresh air. Dazzling powder. The mountains were hollering at me. + I went. + The sun was ablaze. Temperature mild. Only wearing my grey sweatshirt, but I felt like beaming light. + A bird flew and landed on my beckoning hand. Lingering for a second. Before taking flight once […]

Let’s Talk About BODY HAIR

+ Resetting my life on the west coast has given me the freedom to rethink and reevaluate things that may or may not be serving me. So, let’s talk about it: body hair. There is a never ending stigma revolving around feminine body hair. + I was maybe in the 5th grade when I remember […]

Self-Sufficiency Dreams

I’ve been having dreams; dreams of self-sufficiency. The culmination of homesteading ideals that have been introduced and engrained into my head space [while living on the permaculture farm this year] are bleeding heavily into my future reality. I’m certainly opting to wander the earth for a long while before settling and homesteading. For me, settling […]