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Reishi Elixir DIY ✦ for Glowing + Youthful Skin

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+ A few weeks ago, a sweet lady and I were chatting about our conscious lifestyles, in the shop where I work. It turned out that we shared many of the same values. As the conversation turned to our minimal, natural, and trash light beauty regimes, she let on about her youthful and glowing skin secret: reishi mushrooms! + The next day, she stopped back in the shop and gifted me a beautiful bag of […]

DIY Herbal Hair Rinse with Horsetail

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+ I recently spent some time concocting an herbal hair rinse made out of the plant Horsetail. The Horsetail plant comes from the family Equisetaceae, the genus Equietum, and is an incredibly beneficial plant that grows in the temperate northern hemisphere areas. It typically can be found in Asia, Europe, North America, and North Africa and is prolific around the area I’m calling home in the pacific northwest. This plant has a root system that […]