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Dollar Voting & Practicing Non-Consumerism

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Alternative Living / Minimalism / self-sufficiency / Sustainability

The term “Dollar Voting” is an analogy which characterizes the process of economic resource allocation through the relative sums of money spent on various goods and services. In economics, dollar voting is an analogy used to explain how the purchasing choices of consumers affect which products will continue to be produced and supplied to the market. Every dollar paid for a particular product may be considered a “dollar vote” for that product, such that the […]

Reishi Elixir DIY ✦ for Glowing + Youthful Skin

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Feminine Magic / Herbalism / Minimalism

+ A few weeks ago, a sweet lady and I were chatting about our conscious lifestyles, in the shop where I work. It turned out that we shared many of the same values. As the conversation turned to our minimal, natural, and trash light beauty regimes, she let on about her youthful and glowing skin secret: reishi mushrooms! + The next day, she stopped back in the shop and gifted me a beautiful bag of […]

Ten Ways I Cut Costs This Year

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Alternative Living / Minimalism / Sustainability

+ Transitioning into a work trade position & breaking free from the rent trap. I made the decision at the end of last year to begin trading work on an organic farm for accommodations. I now work 24 hours per week and in return do not pay for rent. Throwing grandiose amounts of money away each month on bills and rent made me feel a bit nauseous. There are better ways to vote with my […]