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Why Sobriety Works for Me

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Alternative Living / Sobriety

+ January 20th, 2018 will mark my one year of sobriety. I wish to share with you, realizations aiding in my recovery over the past twelve months. + I’m now capable of confronting my emotions. I’m stronger and more resilient to what life throws in my direction. My emotional stability and mental health are easier to manage. + I’ve found better ways to escape reality. I do yoga, meditate, and read books. Writing is a […]

23 Contemplations on the Past 23 Years

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Alternative Living / Sobriety

As I just turned 23 yesterday, & am celebrating six months of sobriety today, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on 23 thoughts brought into fruition from my human experience on this planet: + It’s okay to feel deeply & talk about my emotions. + Finding love for myself & taking time for self care is healing. + Less is more. I don’t need much to survive. As far as tangibles, I feel […]